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My Favorite Books

Now that I don't have a home and garden and car and business to look after, I have been able to read more.  Here are some of my favorite books of all that I have read in recent years. Where the book has a hyperlink, it usually takes you to my favorite bookstore:  Better World Books, www.betterworld.com:

  • Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein Charles has put his finger on what we need to do to save our planet, and improve the quality of our lives: move into the gift economy.  By offering what we do with our life energy as a pure gift to others, rather than acting out of duty or obligation or for reward, everyone benefits.  Charles himself offers his book on a gift basis. You can read it free online right here: http://sacred-economics.com/  I find encouragement, hope, and inspiration in his words. I am happy to buy a hard copy of his book for my friends and family. Just let me know.  I have a separate page devoted to this idea - here.

  • The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth by Dolores Cannon.  I stumbled upon this book when I was cycling and volunteering in France in 2011. I started reading it, and found it so profound and timely (official publish date is Sept 2011) that I decided to stay put and not move until I finished reading it. I stayed a week in a campground until I had finished it.  It answered many questions about humanity's existence on this earth, how we got here, where we are going, and what is coming next, and why.  I found it so valuable that I will buy a copy for any of my friends and family who want a copy. Just let me know. I also have found the following books by Dolores Cannon to be exceptionally revealing:  The Convoluted Universe Book 1, and The Custodians.

  • Peace Pilgrim  She gave up everything she owned, and walked for nearly 30 years across the US, sharing with people the importance of peace in their lives and in the world.  She fasted untill she was freely offered  food, and she kept walking or slept by the side of the road unless she was freely offered shelter.  What an amazing woman!  People who knew her keep her memory and work alive, and send out her books and a movie on her life to all who ask: www.peacepilgrim.com

  • Books on Life after Life:  I first started reading these books during my search for the origin of life on our planet.  Back in my agnostic days (not so long ago, by the way).  Stephen Hawking's theory of a 'self-replicating molecule' left me cold.  It was no more plausible than Eve coming from Adam's rib.  And then I found these books, and I knew in my heart and soul that God does exist, and we all are as eternal as God. Life hasn't been the same since. Here are the books:
    Life After Life by Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
    Closer to the Light, by Melvin Morse
    Embraced By the Light by Betty J. Eadie

  • Many Lives, Many Masters  and Messages From the Masters.  As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. It took  him 5 years to get the courage to write about it, and he fully expected to be drummed out of the psychotherapy community.  But he wasn't. Because many many doctors and psychotherapists have had similar experiences, and came quietly to him to share their own stories.  I have read all of Dr. Weiss's books, and they have convinced me that we do come back  - many times. To learn our lessons and to help others. 

  • The Field, by Lynne McTaggart This book was given to me to read by my friend Linda, as I was healing at her house from a very strained lower back. It is a summary of scientific studies on esoteric subjects. I had no idea that this thorough research had been done in these areas. Knowing that rigorous studies, published in well-respected scientific journals, has certainly given me confidence and trust in such areas as distance healing, homeopathy, and our human ability to change our world, simply by our intent.  It has provided such deep wisdom that I would like to purchase this book for any of my family and friends who would like a copy. Just let me know.


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