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Business Expertise and Guidance

"I couldn't have done it without you! When I wanted to launch my new communication company, I certainly had the vision - but not the road map to direct me to the rainbow. As navigator and co-pilot, your business savvy and expertise leapfrogged me far beyond what could have been months of costly errors. For anyone who wants to get ahead in the entrepreneurial world, you are truly a secret weapon! I cannot recommend your services highly enough. Except to say, "Hire This Woman" It will be the smartest thing you will ever do."

Genevieve Westcott, Westcott Communications


"I can recommend Diane to anyone wanting to improve their business performance."

Caroline Salmond-Chong, Naxos Computer Training & Services Limited, and The Little Toy Shop


“[Ishtyak,] let me tell you who is she. She is a back bone of HDC.  She help me a lot that is why HDC is is growing day by bay because of Diane. I remember how hard work she did to help me how to work with international INGOs .

She make a hand book of HDC & I am sure it will be long more than 100 years .. that gift she has gave us .  If I can write about Diane it  will take me 2 to 3 days.”

Sami Wani, founder and Executive Director, Hope Disability Centre - Kashmir, India


“[I]t is so difficult to match to the benchmark you have set in this organization. Not a day goes by when people here don't mention the good you have done for this organization. 

I don't know if you had some magic wand with which you have waved some magic on HDC employees.” Ishtyak Joo, Communications Director, Hope Disability Centre (HDC)


Performance, Impact, Reliability, Thoroughness

" ...you have made a positive difference to the way the whole of our BIZ programme was done. ...I knew I could count on you to deliver. .."

Jane Craven, Auckland New Ventures (Inc. )


" Diane when I engaged your services I had no idea what an impact your work would create for my business. I would highly recommend your services to anyone, even though I am tempted to keep you as my hidden secret to success."

Claire Morris, Industrial Relations Consulting & Advocacy Service


"Thanks for all this good work. It is so exciting and you have done such a thorough job that it has given us the confidence we need to enter such a market as the USA".

Kathy Light, Director, EasiYo Products Ltd.


Insight, Wisdom, Energy

"We are impressed with your energetic and positive interest in our product and in the insightful way that you are able to very quickly understand, analyse and advise. The strategies you have suggested are enhancing both quantity and quality in our business."

Denise Barlow, ISIS Stop Smoking Programme


" Your assistance has been most beneficial. I hear myself quoting you often. The information you have given me will be saving me money and crucial time."

Christina, Quality Waiheke


Teaching, Presenting, Public Speaking

"Hi Diane: I truly gained so much information at the Seminar yesterday and only wish I'd discovered your organisation 2 years ago when we first launched our business."

Carol Meyer, Voyager Phone


“Hi, Diane.  This looks wonderful. (referring to a syllabus I created).  You have spent a great deal of time on this course.  The students will be lucky to have you as an instructor.” Patricia Donovan, Buena Vista University 

Written Communication

“Diane! This (MailChimp) email is GREAT!!! Thank you so much; Bernie and Vashon for Bernie are very lucky to have you on our team.”

Kate DeGarmo, Vashon for Bernie Sanders


“As always, your editing is really professional and I value it very much. You have the technical and the emotional intelligence for doing it.”  Ilse Cornwall  Ross, published author


“Thanks Diane for you comments. You are a master editor and point things out that I would never see myself.  It is such a gift having you willing to look at my work…”   Jesse Torrey, writer


“Diane, I think that by sending this email you have shown the admins much  respect and that will go a long way to your ongoing working relationship with all of them. This is exactly the kind of email that will make sure that [they] welcome you warmly! This has been a problem in the past with other members of the CS Collective. I trust and appreciate your
communication style.”

--Casey Fenton, co-founder Couchsurfing International


“Diane has been helping me with proof reading my camperbook. She is very good at proofreading….”  Haykey Kaariainen, writer

Working in Teams

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary work and efforts. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are working with me on this project.”

Caitlin Rothermel, MA, MPH

Medical and Health Economics Writer, MedLitera


“Diane is an amazing person and a caring soul, and she incarnates for me the idea that it's always possible and never too late to change your life for a better one. Working with her was wonderful….” Bruno Boulandet


Diane is awesome. She's respectful, passionate about her work, passionate about changing the world, and very willing to get down to nuts and bolts. I am so glad to have met her…” Joe Edelman, software developer for Couchsurfing International



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